Jan 262012

The next step in the process for this diamond is to have it laser cut.  The shape of the rough and any inclusions determine where the diamond will be cut.

In preparation for the laser cut a few things needed to be done.  The rough diamond had an inclusion right below the surface, so it was fairly easy to remove.  The diamond was polished down to get rid of the inclusion, reduce some stress on the stone and provide a better view into the heart of the diamond.

Looking through the frosted rough diamond can only tell you so much about any inclusions inside.  Imagine looking in your bathroom mirror after you get out of the shower, it is all steamed up and you can’t see.  With a facet on the diamond the cutter will have a clear window that lets him see deep inside.

A black line is drawn on the diamond with a very fine maker to indicate where it should be cut.  You can see the black line on the diamond in the photo below.  With the cutting line marked the diamond was cut in half with a laser saw.

The small piece on the left side is 4.26ct and larger piece comes in at 18.17ct (some weight was lost when polishing the window).

With the work performed so far we are down to 18.17ct so we have lost 5.69ct from the large piece of rough.  A lot more of the precious diamond will be lost at it is transformed into a blazing ball of light…  more photos to come…

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