Jun 162014

I was recently in Macau and stopped into a hotel lobby to cool down.  They had some incredible carvings all around the lobby done in various gemstones and a two incredible pieces done in mammoth tusk!  Of course I snapped a few photos, here are a few of the snaps and a description of the item as posted by the piece.

A Fine Mammoth Tusk Carving of the Great Wall

Height 236cm – Length 228cm – Width: 53cm

Carved from top grade mammoth tusk, it took six years by more than ten experienced craftsmen to create, including on-site surveying, research and examinations at the Great Wall of China.  The carving portrays the everyday life of the locals and the scenes from the Shanhaiguan to Jiayuguan, in exquisite details.  With its life-like appearance, perfect proportions and fine details created by superb craftsmanship, it is an outstanding and magnificent artwork.

Mammoth Tusk Carving

click photo for larger view

Carving - Zoom 1

Close Up #1

Carving - Zoom 1

Close Up #2