Jan 222016

It has been just over a year since I last posted about EGL International / EGL USA and the ‘fight’ with Martin Rapaport who decided to kick the labs out of his diamond trading network.  Check out EGL Everywhere Vs. Martin Rapaport and EGL International Shutting Down for some back story.

So what has happened in the last yea?  My original prediction was EGL International and EGL USA would both die.

EGL International died quick lasting only a few weeks before they shut down to reorganize.  Not exactly sure what EGL International has done, but think they may have popped up again and are now called EGL Platinum?!?  They even maintain the same logo!  I don’t know about anyone else, but that is not going to fool anyone – especially Martin Rapaport.

EGL USA has managed to stay alive, at least party.  They are still issuing diamond reports and operate their website at http://eglusa.com so they are still in business.

They have attempted to distance themselves from the EGL brand however, by starting GHI Gemological Lab with labs in NYC, Los Angeles and Miami.  I don’t think they are making much traction with the new brand as I have yet to see any diamonds trading with a GHI lab report anywhere…. they have not been allowed onto the major online diamond trading networks that I have access to.

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