May 062012

If you deal with old jewelry, you know all too well about prying small stones from jewelry.  When getting a batch of old gold or platinum ready for refining it is best to remove the old stones.

Often the result is broken or damaged stones.  Not only does the process take a LONG time to sit there and file out old stones any damage damage hurts the recovered stone value.

We recently sent a batch of old rings to a refiner who does a chemical melt, the metal is put into a beaker and is broken down.  The stones fall to the bottom of the beaker, without damage.

We tried it with a service located outside the USA, but we have found one such company located in St. Paul, MN.

No actual experience with this company, but certainly take a look at Stebgo Metals if the idea of no longer doing removal of stones by hand is appealing to you.

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