Jan 012014

Radiant Cut Blue DiamondI am going to start new quest, something that I expect will take years.  I accept the fact right now, that I may never find the elusive blue diamond.

Let me explain.

There are four ways to get a blue diamond.

  1. Buy a natural blue diamond (not really an option, they are too expensive)
  2. Have a diamond irradiated (a treatment), the end result never looks natural to me.
  3. Have a diamond coated, I have done this in the past will do up a post on it.
  4. Turn a natural diamond blue through HPHT

While HPHT is considered a treatment, the result of the process is permanent and looks much more authentic than diamonds that are irradiated.

As part of my quest I will do several articles on the types of diamonds, the HPHT process, some lab equipment and hopefully I can get some experts in the field to provide some technical content as well.

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  1. […] I went only to the show at the convention center in downtown Hong Kong this time, as I was not hunting the elusive blue diamond. […]

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