Sep 162014

This is a post to warn others who may be considering a watch from Nitza Lerner.  Nitza Lerner is a high end watch dealer who operates out of 20 West 47th Street in New York.

Rolex 168000

Rolex 168000 with fake dial.

In mid 2014 she had a used Rolex Submariner 168000 for sale.  I was interested in the watch so we struck a deal and I made payment via a bank transfer.

The watch looked good to me when it arrived, but I’m not an experienced Rolex guy.

After a couple of months it came to my attention that the dial on the watch is not original.

I referenced my copy of Rolex Submariner Story to see if there was a known dial variation for the 168000 that might match.  Turns out there are two dial variations for the 168000 but neither of them even come close to matching the dial on the watch.

I reached out to a couple of Rolex experts to get their opinion.  Neither of them think the dial is original.  One of the experts I consulted immediately spotted problems with the dial, without me saying anything.

Is it possible that a Rolex dealer with more than 16 years experience could have missed the fake dial?

I contacted Nitza to see if she was aware the watch dial was not original when sold.    She insists to this day that the dial is original.

I took these enlarged photos of the watch dial and sent them to her.  I pointed out that the font is not the type Rolex uses and the lettering is not level – still, she insists the dial is original.

At this point I assume she knew the watch dial is not original.

Fake Dial - Enlarged

Enlarged dial printing showing a Serif style font and sloppy printing.

So far I have not had the watch opened, with a bit of luck it will only be the dial that is not correct.  Worst case the inside will be powered by Timex 🙁

The markings on bracelet show the correct model for the watch, but the date code on indicates it is not original to the watch either (it is much older than the watch).

I will do a followup post to this once I have the watch taken apart for servicing and let you know what we find inside.

Hopefully this posting helps someone else, Nitza Lerner is not a trust worthy dealer and may be selling watches that are party fake or made up of various watch parts.  That type of watch is often called a Franken and the value is seriously impacted.

She has refused to take the watch back, nor offered any dial replacement or any restitution for selling a watch with a fake dial.  Her actual reply was essentially that there is nothing I can do about it and he will not take the watch back.  Since I paid with a wire transfer I have no credit card to charge back, and she knows it.

Hopefully this posting will help save someone before laying out thousands on a fake watch.

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  3. Nitza is a woman who also not as experienced as other high-end watch dealers. I truly believe she doesn’t know this is a fake watch.

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