Oct 212014

I previously posted about a Rolex 168000 from Nitza Lerner Fine Watches, how I suspected the dial was not original.  Rolex Service Centre (RSC) has had the watch now for several weeks, they said I would get a call on October 21.  Sure enough I got the call.

They have gone over the entire watch and found quite a few problems, here is a list of what they are suggesting the watch needs.

  1. Full lubrication
  2. Winding crown
  3. Winding tube (free with lubrication)
  4. New glass
  5. Bezel glass ring (I think that is what she called it)
  6. New bezel
  7. Dial & hands

They will do a full polish on the case but are not able to work on the band because several of the links are cracked.  They stated that the watch is no longer waterproof and would not be waterproof after the service either (I did not ask why).

I purchased the watch used and it is old.  So I’m not concerned about wear and tear on the watch.  The part that gets me is as expected the dial is not original AND they state the hands are not Rolex either.  There was no mention of any of the other parts not being original, only that they were damaged and suggesting the parts be replaced.

The entire cost of the service and replacement of fake/broken/damaged parts will be $1,225 and none of the old parts would be returned to me.

They are waiting to hear back from me if I want to go ahead with the service or not, the watch is currently apart and will take 2 weeks to be put back together should I decide not to go forward with the service.

At least I have the confirmation from Rolex themselves that the dial (and hands!) are not original Rolex.

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